Lisa Picotte  



"Since I started working with Lisa and David, I feel so much more prepared and comfortable when I go to audition! I get great feedback, so I know to trust my choices and the ones they suggest. They're kind and supportive, and care about me doing well."
- Luke Ganalon
Model Home (Feature Film), Out of the Blue (Short), Bless Me Ultima (Feature Film), King John (TV Movie), Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventure (Nickelodeon), Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 (ABC). 
"I love taking acting lessons from Lisa and David. They have made me a better actress. Lisa is so real and tells it like it is. If you want to get better at acting, then Lisa and David are the best coaches around."
- Kayley Stallings
Breaking Legs (Feature Film), The Peculiar Perils of Penelope Peacock (Feature Film), The Martial Arts Kid (Feature Film), Final Witness (Short), The Dog Who Saved Halloween (Feature Film), The Dog Who Saved Christmas (Feature Film). 
"David and Lisa are the bomb! They have helped me so much. They both are so fun to work with and they also really care about helping you do your absolute best."
- Cameron Sanders
Game Shakers (Nickelodeon), The Stepson (Short), Desperate Act of Magic (Feature Film), Spit (Short), Wizards of Waverly Place (Disney). 
"Lisa and David are probably the most talented acting coaches I know. First off, theyare really nice, which makes me comfortable while performing. Second of all, they bring out the funny and the drama of a script. I love thier style of coaching. It's not too over the top and its not flat."
- Jadon Sand
Brick Madness (Feature Film), Bukowski (Feature Film), The Affair (Showtime), Jake's Buccaneer Blast (Animated Series), Jake and the Never Land Pirates (Disney), The Boxcar Children (Animated Feature), The Lego Movie (Feature Film). 
"David's coaching is amazing. He really puts the drama in the scene and I really, really like that. Lisa's acting class makes me feel like I can book anything. They really improve my acting. I think Lisa and David are the people to check out!"
- Cole Sand
Good Kids (Feature Film), Brick Madness (Feature Film), Bukowski (Feature Film), All the Marbles (Short), Henry Danger (Nickelodeon), Bella and the Bulldogs (Nickelodeon), Fresh Off the Boat (ABC), Masters of Sex (Showtime), Perception (TNT), Heart of Dixie (CW).
"Miss Lisa is AWESOME! She not only coaches me but lets me play with her dogs and water her strawberries! I love her."
- Willa Pogue
Grace and Frankie (Netflix), Henry Danger (Nickelodeon).
"Lisa is a really great person. She is also really strict and serious when it comes to working and teaching classes, and that is the reason I love her."
- Sasha Tominaga
Nekko (Short), Mojave '43 (Short), Ghetto Blaster & Silk (Short), A Crossroad Called Manzanar (Short). 
"Lisa's class has helped me so much! I couldn't aid for a better acting teacher or coach. The great thing about her scene study class is it is really individualized for each student. Lisa is SO supportive and has helped me become more confident when I am auditioning."
- Olivia Moss
Wicked City (ABC), 30 Nights of Paranormal Activity with the Devil Inside the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Feature Film), Ben and Kate (Fox), Bad Ass (Feature Film), All My Children (ABC). 
"Thank you to my amazing coaches Lisa and David! I seriously would not be where I am in my career today if it wasn't for your excellent direction Your classes and private coaching make me so much better. You are both always there for me and I am grateful for that. We are going to have another great year together!"
- Caleb Brown
Mother's Day (Feature Film).

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